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Based in Gothenburg, Sweden We create feel real by adventure.

We mainly focus on producing documentary films. We respect nature and mankind and are happy to co-operate with other companies and artists who strive for a healthier environment. 

Click here to see full film "Pojkdrömmen"  

After a ten-year break from football, Emil, 30, a primary school teacher, decides to make a comeback and take the last chance in life to become a professional football player. The best place to experience the great adventure may be in East Africa and the goal is to become the first European player in the Kenyan Premier League. Emil wants football to be joy and artistry, but in Kenya his carefree attitude is challenged when he starts to play with Kibera Black Stars,

a team from the biggest slum in Africa.

Click here to rent full film: "I Skogen, 2017". Imdb, 8,9/10  

Emil and Jonathan, Two men with young hearts descend into the deep forest of Sweden. Their quest is to play without the framework of modern civilization. As the story unfolds the struggle to eat turns play into grave reality.

At the moment we are working with an exiting project.


"Min vän Freddie"

A heartbreaking relationship drama with a great dose of humor and adventure.

When 65 year old man Freddie, who lives a quiet and lonley life in a small town in Sweden meet the dice playing backpacker Jonathan, 25, during a holiday in Gran Canaria everything turns up and down. 

Freddie starts to live out and decides to follow Jonathan to Mexico which creates both joy and deep sadness between the new special friends.

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