Trailer - In the forest

"In the forest" is a story about friendship innocence and earnest play. The narrative follows two men with young hearts as they descend into the deep forest. Their quest is to explore and play without the framework of modern civilization. They find it harsh and strange but soldier on with an unshakable sense of optimism.

As the story unfolds the struggle to eat turns play into grave reality.

Promo Video for "Pro in Africa

The once promising footballer Emil, 29, decides to pick up his old dream of becoming a professional football player. But not just in any country.

Emils has set his aim for Kenya, to be the first white player in the Kenyan Premier League.

Pro in Africa is the untold story about life choices, cultural meetings and the desire to follow your dream with an unshakable sense of optimism.

Logo Animation Master of None

Made by Mikael Selin

Every step taken, is taken right into the Unknown. Even though we are surrounded by merchants from the Past. Trying to sell us what we already know, we carefully protect our seed.

The seed of the UnBorn, the seed of Nothingness.

We are Disciples of this era, in this moment of time Willing to follow the footsteps of Nothing and learn the art of “Building a Bridge while walking it”.

We are Disciples that are trying to become Masters and our journey has just begun.

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